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Polymer Technical Sales Assistance

For assistance selecting the appropriate silicone polymer. Advice on equipment for mixing and dispensing silicones. Degassing silicone to remove bubbles. Compression, Injection and transfer moulding silicone elastomers and resins.
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Medical and Industrial grade Silicones

PST showcase a wide selection of silicone based products, brought to you in association with its manufacturer NuSil Technology.

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How far will you go to find a silicone solution to a problem?

How far will you go to find a silicone solution to a problem or explore a disruptive technology to take your business to a level way above the competition? Polymer Systems' library of silicone materials are looking for a problem to solve. Fresh eyes focusing on an old problem trending now prevalently in the emerging disruptive science of battery technology...
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Accreditation from 1997 and hold the latest revision of ISO:9001 plus registration to the environmental standard ISO:14001.

ISO 14001 Certified Enviromental Management
ISO 9001 Quality Endorsed Company


Medically Approved Silicones
Medically Approved Silicones

Advanced Technologies

Space Grade Silicones
Industrial Space Grade Silicones


Food Medical Industrial Grade Silicone Tubing
Food Medical Industrial Quality


Silicone Mixing Dispensing Degassing Equipment
Mixing Dispensing Degassing