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William Mortimore PhD, MChem

William Mortimore PhD, MChem

Dr Will Mortimore is Technical Business Development for Polymer Systems Technology.  His role is to pioneer and utilise the many benefits that Silicones give to provide solutions for those in high-tech markets with demanding requirements.   Polymer Systems' Library of market leading Biomaterial and advanced technology silicones are combined with over 25 years' knowledge of choosing the right materials and processing to get over the hurdles that these markets inevitably produce.  With a PhD in Polymer Chemistry and many years in R&D consultancy Will has experienced the journey of researching novel materials, developing applications and manufacture, scale up and of course analysis and problem solving of the many issues thrown up along the way.
Having worked amongst a wide range of industries from the power sector to renewables to aerospace, the opportunity to translate and pioneer new solutions is a driving force.  If you're looking for a fresh pair of eyes to a problem or engaging with disruptive technology to help you stay ahead of the game, then please contact Will.

William Mortimore PhD, MChem 

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William Mortimore PhD, MChem
Technical Business Development


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