Lightguard for Safety
Two Roll Mill with Lightguard for Ultimate Safety

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Bench Top Standard Vertical Electric Two Roll Mill

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Safety with Lightguard
PST-MW-08 A low cost 2 roll mills with the latest technology utilising the light curtains, offering more access without compromise of the safety.
Available with an 8 cm roller size.


Machine dimensions
Height  = 32 cm
Width = 71 cm
Length = 56 cm
Machine Weight = (approx. 102 kg)

Roller details PST-MW-08
Diameter  = 8 cm

Width = 40 cm
Revolutions = 2 to 15 rpm
Gap thickness:
Between 200 microns to 10 mm

Electric Power
Voltage  = 230 volts
Current = 1.5 amps
Frequency  = 50 Hz
Single phase

Bench Top Standard Vertical Electric Two Roll Mill - with Lightguard

Pro Desk-top Electric Roll Mill
For Milling and Calendering 2 Part Silicone.
For suitable products see VersaSil product range.


Medical Silicones
Medical Silicones

PDF Brochure

Download - Roller Listing December 2023.pdf
Download - Roller Listing December 2023

Demonstration Video

Small desk-top Electric Roll Mill video
Bench Top Two Roll Mill Video

Jog & Safety

Foot control video and saftey stop - reset
Jog - Emergency Stop - Rear Reset

Detail 1

Rear View - Cable Conections
Rear View showing Cable Connections


Start Up & Safety Video
Stop Start Safety Video

Detail 2

Adjusting Rollers
Adjusting Rollers

Usage Video

Removing Sheet
Usage Video