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Laboratory Vacuum Mixer System

Eliminates air bubbles and mixes in disposable containers. Silicone mixtures, graphene, fluids, powders, pastes, colloids, creams, grease, resins, inks and paints.

SynergyMixers® is an enclosed mixing system with no exposed moving parts such as mixing blades or rotating shafts, everything is contained within the steel body of the machine and the lid is double interlocked. Material mixing takes place within a sealed container reducing the risk of any spillages as well as preventing powders or any other harmful vapours becoming airborne. With no sharp mixing blades or bowls to clean there is no requirement for harmful cleaning agents or solvents making it safer for the operator and the environment.

Our lab size, small batch, manufacturing mixers have the capacity to mix in samples in seconds. Sample sizes range from, 1 gm - 20 kg, and can be mixed in cups and cartridges, including Semco. Absolutely no cleanup required.

We provide customer training specific to SynergyMixers® dual asymmetric technology through our seminar and workshop program which runs throughout the year. Training is provided either on site at customers' premises or at our dedicated laboratory and application facilities in High Wycombe.

SynergyMixers® laboratory mixer is ideal for use in: Dental, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Science and Aerospace

Vacuum and Non-Vacuum models, in a range of sizes. Perfect for degassing, defoaming and deaerating while mixing or colouring compounds. In a perfect sterile environment mix liquids or pastes using sealed disposable dispensing cartridges and contains.

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SynergyMixers® Bladeless Mixing

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Laboratory Mixer System

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