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Silicone Dispersion

  • One-part, dispersion containing amino-functional silicone dispersed in a mixture of aliphatic or isopropanol solvents
  • Good adhesion to metal substrates
  • Cures at room temperature upon exposure to atmospheric moisture
  • Suitable for dip casting and heat-curing of thin elastomeric films
  • Ideal for use as a silicone coating on metals and other substrates and also can be used as needle coatings
  • Provides excellent lubricity for cutting edges, needle cannula, and other applications requiring friction reduction
Important document: PDF Guide to Silicone Dispersions PDF Guide to Silicone Dispersions

Fluids and Greases Usage Chart
Typical PropertiesAverage Result
Non-Volatile Content53%
Viscosity185 cSt (159 mPas)
Cured: 7 days minimum at ambient temperature and humidity
Tissue Culture (Cytotoxicity Testing)Pass
Elemental Analysis of Trace MetalsPass

These properties tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.

Recommended Primer MED-160

Note: Some bonding applications may require the use of a primer.


2 Ounce (50 g)
1 Pint (380 g)
1 Gallon (2.88 kg)
5 Gallon (18.0 kg)

Warranty 12 Months

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