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Color Masterbatch for High Consistency Silicone Elastomers ‑ White

  • A white, single component masterbatch, with the consistency of a low viscosity paste a clay like material
  • Consists of pigment dispersed in a vinyl-functional silicone polymer which covalently bonds into the matrix of platinum-cured silicone systems
  • Supported by USP Class VI and ISO 10993 Biological testing (reference Biological Testing Data Table)
  • For easy and more precise pigmentation of high consistencysilicone materials, suitable for molding, calendering or extrusion
  • Reduces production time and eliminates use of powders that may contaminate clean room environments
  • Strict quality controls ensure color consistency
Colour Swatches: Colour Masterbatch Line PDF Colour Masterbatch Line PDF
Opaque and Translucent Colour Swatches
Typical PropertiesAverage Result
Tissue Culture (Cytotoxicity Testing)Pass

These properties tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.


1 Pound (450 g)
5 Pound (2.27 kg)
25 Pound (11.34 kg)


12 Months

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Safety Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet
Example packaging
Example packaging
For Use With Foam Medical Implants:


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Colour Masterbatch Brochure

Colour Masterbatch Brochure
Colour Masterbatch Brochure

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Two Roller Mill Brochure
Two Roller Mill Brochure


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