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PST are pleased to introduce
the latest 3D Printer from Lynxter

We sell both the materials and the equipment: 

For assistance selecting the appropriate silicone polymer. Advice on equipment for mixing and dispensing silicones. Degassing silicone to remove bubbles. Compression, injection and transfer moulding silicone elastomers and resins.

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Lynxter introduces its new industrial 3D printer, the S300X, the most efficient on the market today to print medical and industrial grade silicones and polyurethanes. A compact, reliable and robust industrial silicone 3D printer with integrated support printing technology for unlimited shape design. Open for pre-order today. Available in 2023. Contact us for more information…

For more details please download the PDF files.

Brochure_S300X.pdf Brochure_S300X.pdf

Applications_S300X.pdf Applications_S300X.pdf

S300X LIQ21 | LIQ11

Over view

S300X LIQ21 | LIQ11

Easy access with the door openl
Easy access

View inside

Printing with SIL-001 using support material
Printing with SIL-001 using support material

Example prints

Example medical sleeve and industrial seal
Example medical sleeve and industrial seal

Protective device

Detail - printing with SIL-001 using support material
Printing using support material

Using support material

Yellow support material (left) and (right) removed
Yellow support, (removed right)

Example prints

Examples of medical usage
Medical usage

Example prints

Examples of industrial usage
Industrial usage