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Addition Cure Silicone Dispersion

  • Two-part medium viscosity silicone elastomer dispersed in heptane
  • Cures via addition-cure chemistry
  • 1:1 Mix Ratio (Part A: Part B)
  • Suitable for dip casting and heat-curing of thin elastomeric films
  • Low viscosity makes dispersions ideal for use as sprayable coatings
  • Useful as a solvent-based adhesive
Important document: PDF Guide to Silicone Dispersions PDF Guide to Silicone Dispersions

Typical PropertiesAverage Result
Appearance Translucent
Non-Volatile Content, Part A 33 %
Non-Volatile Content, Part B 31 %
Viscosity A: 39 cP / B: 93 cP
Cured: 30 minutes minimum at ambient temperature and humidity, 45 minutes at 75°C (167°F), and 15 minutes at 150°C (302°F)
Durometer, Type 00 72
Tensile Strength 1,060 psi (7.3 MPa)
Elongation 750 %
Tear Strength 120 ppi (21.1 kN/m)
Stress at 100%Strain Flowable / Self Leveling
Stress @ Strain 65 psi / (0.45 MPa)
Tissue Culture (Cytotoxicity Testing) Pass
Elemental Analysis of Trace Metals Pass

The properties listed above properties are tested on a lot-to-lot basis. Do not use as a basis for preparing specifications. Please contact NuSil Technology for assistance and recommendations in establishing particular specifications.

Recommended Primer MED1-161

Note: Some bonding applications may require the use of a primer.


2 Pint Kit (800 g)


12 Months

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